Coromandel Christian Trust

The trust was established in Coromandel in the late 1970's with the stated objective 'To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ within New Zealand and to make Him known and the power of His resurrection.'

The work of the trust:

The current trustees are working to fulfill the objective of the trust by providing access to the contemplative treasures of the Christian tradition. This is done through support of retreats, lectures, making resources available and practical support for individual practice that 'awakens the heart to the truth as it is in Jesus.' The work is undertaken in recognition of a desire of many to develop the practice of the contemplative way in the world within a Christ centered framework.

Activities the trust has supported are contemplative retreats, icon writing workshops, developing the Contemplative Network Aotearoa and its library of CDs & DVDs.

Current trustees:

Rev. Keith King - trustee/secretary
Bev Silvester-Clark - trustee/chairperson
Tony Silvester-Clark - trustee/treasurer

Contact details:

Coromandel Christian Trust
14 Kassa Rise
Auckland 0800

Ph: 0274 316 205