October 16 – October 18, 2020 Time: 5:00pm
Venue: online e-course
Address: zoom

Pip Nicholls & Pat Neuwelt will be facilitating an online retreat on 16-18 October 2020 at which Jim (James) Finley will offer two ‘live’ teachings by Zoom. On day 1 Jim’s teaching will focus on the vision expressed by the mystics, drawing on his own life story of joy, suffering, and the death of his beloved. On day 2, Jim will focus on the foundations of contemplative practice, addressing the question ‘How do we live in a way that honours the gift of every day?’ 

Jim is an author, teacher of the Christian mystics, and retired clinical psychologist. He was at Gethsemane Monastery during the 1960s where Thomas Merton was his Spiritual Companion. A trauma survivor himself, Jim is well-known for his work on the transformation of trauma, and is currently writing a book on this topic.  Pat and Pip met Jim when undertaking the Living School programme of the Centre for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico where he is a teacher. They wish to share with others the spiritual treasure that Jim is. (For more info about Jim see https://jamesfinley.org/  )

Compassion is the love that recognises and goes forth to identify with the preciousness of all that is lost and broken within ourselves and others.  J Finley, Christian Meditation: Experiencing the Presence of God (2005)

This retreat will be held online by Zoom.
Cost will be $75.
Some funding has been gratefully received from the Wallis Trust.

If you’re interested, please email Pat at pat.neuwelt@gmail.com

Pat Neuwelt