April 5 – March 21, 2023 Time: 7:30pm
Venue: In home learning and final 5 day retreat at Te Moata
Address: home and Coromandel Te Moata Retreat Centre

This twelve-month Wisdom School (WS) offers an opportunity for personal and collective journeying Home to our deeper, truer selves. It is based on the premise that our lives are not straight forward, that we seem to stumble along…   moving through cycles of dependence, independence, and inter-dependence or as Rohr says, through phases of order, disorder, and reorder (Covid 19 is major ‘disorder’).  In time there is a shift from an outward focus to an inward one and ultimately focusing out again from our innermost selves.  These experiences are poetry in motion, and we may sense them through experiences such as: reading a book several decades apart and getting a whole new meaning from it; finding that we’re gentler with ourselves or noticing ragged beauty where once we might have passed it by. Gradually, slowly, almost imperceptibly, we find ourselves more able to truly let life be as it is – unattached to outcome…   We find that we know from a quiet and deep inner place and, rather than relying on others’ ideas, we begin to trust and appreciate these stumblings as our way Home.

This WS will have monthly readings and bi-monthly 90-minute zoom sessions so we can check in as a community and learn with, from, and for each other.  It will conclude with a five-day residential WS at the Te Moata Retreat Centre on the 16th – 20th March 2023.  It will be helpful, and not essential to have attended a Wisdom School before or taken the Walking the Mystical Path programme – and to be open to where the year may lead you…

This WS will be facilitated by Pat Neuwelt and Pip Nicholls and will be open to 23 others so we can all fit within the one zoom screen.  If more people are interested, we may have two groups up to a maximum of 37 (that’s how many can stay at Te Moata).

Venue:  From home until the residential (starting 16th March 2023)

Dates:  first zoom on the 5 April 2022

Fee for first 12 months: $150.00    The fee for the residential WS at Te Moata is additional.

Further Information/registration by the 1st February 2022 to: pat.neuwelt@gmail.com

Pat Neuwelt