Posted on June 10, 2021

Peter Spink was an English Anglican priest, Canon of Coventry Cathedral, former Warden of Burrswood the Anglican home of healing and prayer established by Dorothy Kerin in 1948, mystic, spiritual teacher, writer and founder of the Omega Order a mixed teaching and contemplative community. 

Prior to his death in November 2010 Peter visited New Zealand regularly between 1980 -2006 conducting teaching sessions and running retreats.  A steady stream of New Zealanders visited the Omega Community in the UK participating in the rhythm of its life. 

Peter taught a meditation practice or spiritual discipline that today is described as a ‘awareness practice’.  Through the discipline of both external and internal silence practitioners sought to awaken ‘the heart to the truth as it is in Jesus’ and were encouraged to find the ‘observer platform’ from where to look into ’the still clear pool of reflection’ – the heart.  He is considered a contemporary of Thomas Keating, Bede Griffith and John Main.

Apart from his published works, Peter left a considerable legacy of recordings comprising short study programmes suitable for individual and small group use and a significant number of lectures on a variety of subjects.

Appreciating Peter’s profound understanding of silence and it’s use, his approach to meditation and deep insight into the heart of creation and his ability to share it with so many in life changing ways some of those who journeyed with him here in NZ have collected together his teachings together with some background and publications of the Omega Order.  They have been placed in a digital archive from where they can be accessed either to be listened to or downloaded for personal/group use. 

Peter Spink Archive available online from 20th June 2021