Contemplative Network Aotearoa Questionnaire and Discernment Process

As the Coordinating Group, we would love to hear from this whole special network of people, grown over nine years from 2009. We would like to know how the contemplative yearning in you can best be supported by Contemplative Network Aotearoa (CNA), and what people may have to contribute to the mahi/work of CNA.

Earlier this year we, the coordinators, began an intentional process of discerning how we can better support contemplative practice and leadership in Aotearoa, and support a sense of community in what can be a lonely path. Cynthia has now returned for the seventh time, once again giving us substantial teaching and strong encouragement to develop here in a way that is true to the spirit of this land and people.

As part of this we are:

  • Inviting each of you to contribute to the discernment process by completing an online questionnaire - about your energy, interest and development;
  • Considering suggestions from Cynthia, and learning from the experience of similar movements in other parts of the world.

These streams of feedback will inform our process of discerning the following:

  • Identifying what we (CNA) have the capacity to offer, or could enable to be offered.
  • Identifying priority areas for development of the Network and contemplative practice in Aotearoa.

We have created our best effort at a “contemplative questionnaire. We are seeking responses to this though our database via email and here on the website where you can link to the survey. We will reflect on your responses in the questionnaire over the next few months and feed back to you over time. While we may not be able to pick up every suggestion, we will look at patterns and themes that emerge. We will also look at how we can link people with related fields of interest.

It is important that the contemplative growth which the Contemplative Network Aotearoa nourishes is discerned by all of us. We acknowledge that computers and surveys are likely to send us into our heads; however, the questionnaire enables us to invite the widest engagement in this discernment process. Before completing the online questionnaire, we encourage you to listen to your body’s responses to the questions asked. Drop your attention down into the deepest part of your knowing. Listen to the still small voice of God. And then respond online. We will be most grateful for your contribution.

Complete the Contemplative Questionnaire here
Posted on 06/11/2018 by Agnes Hemans, Bev Silvester-Clark, Pat Neuwelt, Kaia Ariel