Regional Contact People

We are grateful to now have a greater spread of contact people throughout Aotearoa, many thanks to those of you have agreed to fill this role.

The (informal) role of the regional contact person is:

  • To be a friendly voice or face for people, and meet with them if needed.
  • To answer questions about Contemplative Network retreats and wisdom schools.
  • To direct people to someone in the co-ordinating group if their questions go beyond what they, as a contact person, can answer.
  • To manage a local email list and let people know about events in their area if they have agreed to be on the list.
  • To potentially take some initiative in starting groups and facilitating local meetings for people in their area.

Our current contact people are as follows:

Northland: Agnes Hermans
Auckland: Bev Silvester-Clark
Waikato: Sarah Cooper
Palmerston North: Lucy Hastings
Wellington: Pip Nicholls
Hawkes Bay: Piripi Whaanga
Canterbury: Pip Ranby
Otago and Southland: Kaia Ariel 
People not well served by these regions: Pat Neuwelt

If you feel you could take this role in a region not covered here please do contact us:

Posted on 06/05/2019 by Kaia