Posted on June 26, 2021

Over the years between 2009 and 2018, Bev and Pip with the support of the Coromandel Christian Trust were able to bring Cynthia Bourgeault to New Zealand where she led us in numerous retreats, wisdom schools and teaching events. Also, during this time they were instrumental in building an Australasian community of nearly 500 of us who now receive the e-bulletins. While it was initially planned that Cynthia would return again in 2020, she came to the realisation that long haul travel was no longer feasible for her. For Pip and Bev, they found a great sense of gratitude for the remarkable journey they had been privileged to travel with Cynthia and they too felt a real sense of completion and felt that the task that they had been called to was done. So in 2019, Pip stepped down from being part of the Contemplative Network coordinating team and now in 2021, Bev too has stepped away from the team.

On behalf of the Contemplative Network Aotearoa community, we would like to thank Bev and Pip for their vision, wisdom, and bucket-loads of time and work, which they so generously gave over the years to help establish and build the Contemplative Network Aotearoa. We are truly grateful. Thank you both, for all your mahi, for adding feathers to so many of us on this contemplative journey.