.....what does it mean to be conscious?

This will be our second Wisdom School with Cynthia.What is a Wisdom School? See https://northeastwisdom.org/wisdom-schools/overview/

"A new and universal self-awareness is struggling to be born. It is the expression of life welling up from within the human psyche itself, the release of a creative energy which is at the heart of all true spiritual awakening." Canon Peter Spink 1984

Over these four days we will review Peter Spink's legacy from the context of "The Conscious Circle of Humanity," or in other words, we will listen carefully to what his prophetic teaching might be calling us to engage in 30 years later.
While this Wisdom School is open to experienced meditators on all paths it will be of special interest to those who coming from a Christian context and who practice Centering Prayer.