The Wisdom Way of Knowing

Oct. 4 - 9, 2019 | Live In Retreat

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In October we will gather back together in a Wisdom School at Te Moata. By taking some time to turn away from daily activities, we are supported, and we support each other in the ever-deepening knowing and rest in silent being. From this inner sanctuary of silence, we are invited to live and speak our truth without the habitual narrative of story-telling, allowing questions to arise spontaneously from simplicity and responses to arise in clarity.

The Wisdom School is held within in a daily rhythm of qi gong, contemplative prayer/meditation, chanting, lectio divina, reflection, conscious work, contemplative dialogue, periods of silence and rest. This container gives the possibility of mind, heart and body coming home to their deepest knowing of wholeness.

We will engage more deeply with Cynthia Bourgeault’s teaching and practices and will also refer to other wisdom teachers, past and present. This is always with the intention, as Cynthia says, of setting “the precondition for being able to fulfil our collective human responsibility” in our troubled and beautiful world.

Cost: $440.00 for accommodation and catering plus koha for the facilitators.
We need a minimum of 14 people for this event to go ahead. Send expressions of interest to Pip Nicholls at:

Te Moata Retreat Centre
Tairua, Coromandel.