April 12 – August 30, 2024 Time: 12:00am

Many of us will have ‘sought the pearl of great price’ hoping that our human vulnerability will be absorbed within it, and we’ll live a life of greater ease!  Well, it wasn’t that way for Jesus the Christ, the Buddha, and all great spiritual teachers (living and dead)… so we’ll discover at some point, it won’t be the way for us either… darn! 

This 5-month programme is an invitation to deepen into the Real / real in our lives… not avoiding one for the other… Contemplation has been described as taking a long, loving look at the real, and as we look, we naturally encounter both darkness and light, suffering and joy, and all of this is an encounter with the Divine…

This 5-month process, created and offered by the Contemplative Community kaitiaki for the first time in 2024, is for people who have been on the contemplative path for some years… We invite you, whatever your life stage, to bring your joyful bits and your bruised bits, your successes and failures… To come as you are

This online ‘course’ will be offered to a small group of no more than 12 participants, with one of the intentions being to build contemplative community. The process will include receiving reflections by email, monthly full-group Zooms, and monthly smaller circle group Zooms. There will also be the option of spiritual companioning, and a possible retreat (in person / Zoom – to be decided).

Facilitators: Pip Nicholls, Pat Neuwelt, Pip Ranby

Where: Primarily Online

When: April to August 2024

Cost: $350.00

for more detail, contact Pat