October 2 – October 4, 2021 Time: 10:30am
Venue: En Hakkore, Orangapai (near Ranfurly)
This is a live-in retreat.

October 2, 2021 to October 4, 2021

Venue: En Hakkore, Orangapai (near Ranfurly)

Cost: $170 per person, Inclusive of accommodation, meals, and instruction

Facilitators: Kelvin Wright and John Franklin

An intensive retreat with teaching and practice in the Christian contemplative prayer practice called Centering Prayer.

Since the beginning, following the example of Jesus, there has been a tradition of silent prayer in the Christian Church. Over the centuries this tradition faded from the popular view and became confined to monasteries. It was kept alive by a largely ignored, but never fading lineage of Christian contemplatives.

In the early 20th century this forgotten treasure of Christian spirituality began a steady process of rediscovery by mainstream Christians, led by pioneers such as Evelyn Underhill and Thomas Merton.

In the mid 20th century, Fr Thomas Keating, an American Trappist monk, developed the practice he called Centering Prayer. Drawing on his profound knowledge of Christian spiritual writers, and especially on the spiritual classic The Cloud of Unknowing, Fr Thomas taught an easily accessible method for ordinary people to discover for themselves the riches of Christian contemplative prayer.

This retreat will give clear instruction and guided practice in Centering Prayer and equip retreatants to deepen their spiritual life and draw on the deep wells of our Christian meditative traditiion. The retreat facilitators have both practised and taught Centering Prayer for many years.

Please register by 17th September.Enquiries to Trish Franklin at franklytrish@gmail.com